Some are paywalled, some are not. I've also put up a couple of working papers. If there's a paper you want but can't get, email me and I'll send it to you. I haven't posted all my papers here yet.

Culture and Ideology

Belief Network Analysis: A Relational Approach to Understanding the Structure of Attitudes

Culture and Choice: Toward Integrating Cultural Sociology with the Judgment and Decision-Making Sciences

Cultural Fragmentation or Acquired Dispositions? A New Approach to Accounting for Patterns of Cultural Change

Motivation and Justification: A Dual-Process Model of Culture in Action

Can Cultural Worldviews Influence Network Composition?

What People Want: Rethinking Poverty, Culture, and Educational Attainment

The Old One-Two: Preserving Analytical Dualism in Psychological Sociology

From Contradiction to Coherence: Theory Building in the Sociology of Culture


What You Can - and Can't - Do With Three-Wave Panel Data

Tools from Moral Psychology for Measuring Personal Moral Culture

Is Interviewing Compatible with the Dual-Process Model of Culture? (comment on Pugh)

The "Attitudinal Fallacy" is a Fallacy (comment on Jerolmack and Khan)

Sociology of Morality

The New Sociology of Morality

Structure, Culture, and Community: The Search for Belonging in 50 Urban Communes

Individualism Revisited: Moral Worldviews and Civic Engagement

Other Stuff

Education and Its Discontents: Overqualification in America, 1972-2002

The Transformative Role of Religious Experience: The Case of Short-Term Missions

Control or Conviction? Objective and Subjective Religiosity and Adolescent Marijuana Use

Structure, Genome, and Status Across Human Societies

Parallel Public Spheres: Distance and Discourse in Letters to the Editor

Book Reviews

The Righteous Mind, by Jonathan Haidt

The Theory of Social and Cultural Selection, by W.G. Runciman

Redesigning Social Inquiry: Fuzzy Sets and Beyond, by Charles Ragin

Fuzzy-Set Theory: Applications in the Social Sciences, by Smithson and Verkuilen

Emerging Moral Vocabularies, by Brian Lowe

Human Institutions: A Theory of Societal Evolution, by Jonathan H. Turner